Tameka Rush – Georgia

This woman is a no good lying cheating female. I dont know she expects to get married to someone when she can not do the right thing by them. I could blast this female with so much truthful s*** but i aint gone do that, hygene and all. When i say she has no respect dont ignore This post fellas . i had feelings for someone that didnt appreciate me or the things i did for her. She will never find another man that put in as much work as i did only to get disappointed everytime. But aye simple as is what simple does. She couldnt be real with me. I was always truthful to her. But u cant love someone who doesnt love theirself. I never used her cause she didnt have s***. She will never find a man to take her places like i did or cook for her,and keep her in a peace of mind without lying to her or sell her a dream. Honestly this woman has alot of growing up to do and i think she may not be able to. When u take things for granted and she realizes wtf she had but couldnt stop doing ratchet s***..its gone hurt her in the long run. Time is too short too play games with a person cause u mite loose em forever.


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