Stephen Mark Kelly – Florida

I dated this man for 5 months. Did my due dillagence at making sure he was single. I pride myself on being a good and honest person. To my surprise his wife called me to let me know she enjoyed my Valentines card I sent to him. After sharing information she realized I was telling the truth. She knew he was a lier and was done with him. He has cheated on everyone he’s been with, is a recovering drug addic and alcoholic. I’ve never used drugs and only have an occasional drink. He also smokes, another lie. He has a criminal background for picking up prostitutes and other crimes like workers Comp fraud. He owes the IRS tons of money, owns nothing not even a car. Total looser! Lives in Melbourne FL now but says he’s heading to Baltimore Maryland where he committed most of his crimes. Beware of this guy. He will look you in the eye and lie to you about everything. He is sick!

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