Short Termer John Wilborn – Kansas

John is 30 years old, works on old houses in the Plainview area of Wichita. He just recently finalized a divorce, has 3 little girls, and is a karate/mma fanatic.
John, deals in half truths, he never stated we were in a relationship but called himself my boyfriend for quite awhile, and made if clear he didnt want a woman to ‘own’ him. He speaks very bitterly about his ex Shawnalee tying him down by getting pregnant on purpose, three times….
After being with John for a few months I began to notice odd behaviors , he kept his phone locked, didnt like for me to see what he was doing on his phone, didnt follow through on what his word, and after a depressing day for him, showed up giddy as a school girl with breathe smelling like a females nether regions.


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