I was in love with this man for 10 years I still am today I’ll probably die so but there’s anyone out there who is considering dating this person know this not only will he cheat on you but he will rob you of your dignity strip your Humanity and make you question your importance so much so but it’s a proven fact that he can drive a woman to suicide. His favorite Avenue or chat lines Broyhill claimed that he was looking for you but that’s a lie the and he was caught just this morning. He’s devastatingly handsome green eyes dark hair half a nose that he likes to talk about got bitten off by a dog. He lives in Tucson around Grant and Swan and he is a framer cuz he likes to exaggerate and say that he remodels homes. He’s a narcissist of the highest caliber and will bend you to his will did they extend wear you have no will at all and while he goes out into the world and cheats on you he will demand you and make you feel guilty for s*** that you didn’t even do and he will accuse you of everything and anything depraved and soul-crushing. After a while when your usefulness of waiting on him hand and foot or lining his pocket, when you start to stand up for yourself and for a truth he will turn on you he will turn on you in the worst way but before he does this you will lay the seeds of disrespect thruline about you to his friends and family without you even knowing or suspecting you will do all this and so much more while he looks you in the eye and tells you that he loves you. He will text his girlfriend of the day or the week whatever the flavor of the month is right in front of you after proclaiming his love. He will show you a fake false reenactment of someone concerned loving supporting he will play the part of husband perfectly but don’t be fooled like I was for 10 years. And believe me girls you will see that your love will change him and that it won’t happen to you because you have a special relationship cuz….. no you don’t girl you’re just another notch you’re just another piece of ass to him and he will treat you like a puddle s*** and when he’s super high on his meth or drunk or both he will hurt you like no one has ever hurt you and then jack off after making you cry! This truly excites him he will not hit you you will never lay a hand on you but he’ll have you wishing that it was as simple as being punched and kicked around because those scars heal. He will do worse to you than any fist could he will destroy you from the inside out. And God help you if you have kids because he won’t make you choose and if you try to be an individual and be treated the way that you deserve he will fabricate and twist events things that he puts into your phone he will claim that was your doing he will destroy your reputation he will destroy your life. Am I saying this because I’m angry? Who wouldn’t be angry and hurt my life was obliterated for no reason he used me for 10 years and he abused me for 10 years so yes I’m angry but I’m also something that he never was… I’m honest! I swear on my kids that everything I’ve just said and so much more that I have not said is true I just want to save someone from the pain that he cost me and will cause someone else and then the next person and the next person and the next person.

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