Sarah Ruiz – Mcallen, Texas

So back in August this young girl reached out to me and told me she had been sleeping with my husband for a year and a half. I had already suspected something was going on. The reason she had come clean was because my husband kept trying to break it off, which he showed me texts to prove. So of course to hurt him, she ran to tell me in hopes that I would leave him and she’d be there to pick up the pieces. Isn’t funny how these women always search for the wife/gf? She tried adding my best friend on fb and added my 17 year old sister in law to snap chat, just so she could snoop. My husband did show me messages indicating how obsessive she was and how crazy she became. Though I know he’s at fault, this girl just does not seem to get the point. She said she’d take him no matter the issues. I find it funny that she’s claiming to be THE girlfriend and upcoming wife after finding out he was with someone else. I’m sorry, but a cheater is a cheater. If he’s cheating on me, he’s cheating on you too. My husband says things that they want to hear to get what he wants. I’m not defending him, but do these girls/women not know that? Pathetic! Stop saying you want a baby from my man, we are fine with our 2 kids and don’t need your illegitimate child lingering around. Having a baby with him, won’t keep him around. Those are just my two cents and thoughts. Praying she doesn’t cause anymore unnecessary drama or threats.


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