Sara Joseph – Illinois

Sara Joseph, who is married, struck up a friendship with her married coworker, John Crowe at Lifetouch Publishing (Loves Park, IL). Since she did tattoos on the side, John hired her to do some tattoo work on his neck and other areas of the body for cash. Any reputable tattoo artist would refuse to do the neck area since it could hurt the client’s future career path. Sara’s tattoo work was scratcher quality, with sloppy lines and smudged ink. Sara had met John’s wife on a couple of occasions, when the tattoo projects had begun, so she knew John was a married man. Suddenly, the tattoo sessions were taking place at Sara’s house. Soon, a sexual relationship had developed between them. They started having a full fledged affair, going out for drinks, seeing shows, and having sex at John’s house, while his wife was out of town. Sara eventually admitted to committing adultery with her coworker to her husband, however John denies it to this day. Sara also advised John had multiple affairs with his coworkers during his short employment at Lifetouch. What is surprising is that no one reported these affairs to HR. This company produces school yearbooks and religious materials. Sara sells her artwork on the side. If you purchase her artwork, you are supporting a deceitful adulterer.


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