Nicole O’Dell (Queen of liars) – Illinois

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BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN!!! She is a liar and a home wrecker. She tells you lies to keep you attached, but then sneaks around with other guys. She tries to use drama and fake past experiences to gain sympathy from guys. Even going as far as to claim to have been raped multiple times by multiple guys. She also will tell you that she has had bad sex with her past partners to gain your sympathy. But then tells them all that she has never felt more passion and that they are the best ever. She sleeps with different men in back to back nights while claiming to love them to both of the men. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she feels like she has control over the guys. And then lies to their face and gets mad when they confront her about it. She even neglects her kids to make time to have sex with these guys. She has been married three times and divorced three times. Always claiming that it was the guys fault. But she is the only person in common in all these relationships. All this while claiming to be a devote Christian. The Bible must have been edited and rewritten if she is a Christian.

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