Micauri “Mickey” Vargas – Newark, New Jersey

Mickey V had been dating this guy for like 3 years. He lived out of state, in NY, and was another professional. He was very busy but still appeared to make time to visit her. I remember Mickey having most weekends busy because she was spending them with him. Many of her friends met him (even the guy I’ll mention below). I met him too. I remember he was tall, thin, dark hair, glasses, very kind, smart, and polite. But, most importantly he obviously cared a lot about Mickey. It was evident he respected her independence being away at law school, but he also helped her out with errands when he was around. A good guy.

One night in early spring 2018, after an event at the law school, this guy (I’ll call him Aaron, which is not his real name) walked her home. I heard they made out before getting to the apartment, and then both went inside to have sex. A few days later, Mickey broke up with her boyfriend, but reliable sources close to her told me the reasons she gave for the break up were bogus. She didn’t mention her infidelity. She instead told him how she wants to be single again. Apparently they broke up without a fuss. Mickey however didn’t remain “single.” To this day she and Aaron are still together. She went from one guy to the other. I hope her ex finds out. I lost respect for Mickey for other reasons (character flaws) but this filthy secret is not one I can stand by quietly.


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