Lori Gonzalez – California

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Lori Gonzalez of California, Hawaii, Texas is, by definition, not a cheater. The husband who had an affair with her is, by definition, the cheater. Maria Givens aka Malia Givens was repeatedly lied to for almost a year. Her husband implied Maria and he were separated for almost a year, that they barely spent time together and rarely even spoke. Lori was told he was going to divorce Maria. Maria will never know the full extent of her husband’s lies. Lori was told after Maria became unexpectedly pregnant, her husband was pressured by his family to propose to her. He did what he believed was the right thing to do when he married her but claimed he never loved her. And instead of attempting to discuss the matter (and learning the truth), Maria Givens and her friends harassed, cyber stalked, slandered and degraded Lori. Maria claimed she would leave her husband but, not surprisingly, has decided to stay with him. Best of luck to her and her family. They’ll need it.

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