Jessica Barnett – Jefferson City, Missouri

My husband and I were married for 14 years when I found messages on his phone between my ‘friend’ and him! She knew he was married and I confronted her about the messages and she promised to stop. Of course, looking at phone records the messages didn’t stop. Then I found Facebook messenger messages between them on my birthday! Happy birthday to me! My present…the end of a happy, stable 16 year relationship and tearing our family apart. She was my assistant den leader in cub scouts. My husband is the cubmaster and our boys are best friends! She is nothing but a tramp. Has 2 kids and lives with her mom and dad! What a winner! Of course, there is her career. She is a dog groomer at Petsmart. I guess if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas! He’s probably getting itchy by now!


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