James Binkley Portage -Michigan

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James Binkley 44 of Portage Michigan Is A lying cheating sack of crap and not the man he seems to be …he is married and has beautiful kids he and his wife hit a rough patch and yes he moved out and Kept sleeping with his wife up until 7months ago when he started shacking up with a fat nasty slut Shannon Finney 39 also From Portage Michigan These 2 purposely rub his wife and kids noses in their nasty affair I know I am friends with Shannon. They both are scamming nasty Whores so If You Know Them Like I Do Tell Them Next Time You See Them They Disgust You his family doesn’t deserve the public humiliation but he finds it comical to hurt his wife and kids…..One Day He Will Realize What A Dumb Dishonest Unloyal Unfaithful Untrustworthy Nasty Pure Evil he truly is ….

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