Coronet Godbolt – Florida

Coronet and I have been married for 15 years and have two small children. Throughout our marriage there have been a constant barrage of women that he would try to “hook up”. You would be amazed if I named them all. I would describe his antics as being a “serial cheater”. I was not surprised when I contacted them that they had “no idea” he was married….figures. Coronet is addicted to sex, looks at massive amounts of pornography and doesn’t mind masturbating in the next room where his children are playing! He has cheated on me with women that certainly caused me to go get myself checked, if you know what I mean. He has also picked up a few prostitutes in his day and then come right home to me and his kids. His brother is also just as bad by helping him to cheat on me with these women who are so clueless. Like they working a “tag team” or something. Yes, Danny Owens I am calling you out too!! So ladies beware! I am finally letting this one go but don’t be the next one, you will regret it!!! 15 years too long but I certainly know now! God knows I tried….


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