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Bistra Iordanova is a Florida realtor who lives in Gotha, near Windermere and Orlando. We dated for about 6 months. She’s 31 with two children, and acts like 21 year old party girl in every sense imaginable. She’s separated with the father because he is supposedly a violent sociopath. She had to sue him for paternity regarding their twins because she didn’t know who the father of her twins were originally. She was with a dude for 9 months and he was under the impression the children were 99% sure to be his. They weren’t. Poor dude. Better off though.

So we dated for around 6 months. The father came in with the children one night when we were at her place where he had supposedly been kicked out of a few months prior. He went on a rampage, cops were called, and a restraining order was filed. The cops said that his side of it was they were still together. In retrospect I definitely believe the poor guy. So we have fun for a few months, honestly it was a really good time. I didn’t like that she had children and was a little bit older, but she has a really cool personality, which obviously doesn’t make someone a good person or a partner, but I gave it a shot. She begins complaining about bills and hounding me to get a better paying job. We have some arguments about her going out and drinking (amongst other things) with other friends until all hours of the morning. So I leave for a trip and come back a week later and she has this nice new rug out of no where, totally unnecessary but I didn’t think anything about it. Openly admitted to me that she was a serial cheater in the past, but has grown up and feels extremely strongly about me, as in it won’t be an issue. She was also known at our job for having cheated on the last dude numerous times while living with, being with, and raising children with him.

So she had acted distant the last two months and would get easily irritated and constantly complained about money etc. She tells me a few days ago some rich client is going to pay for her to go network at a charity even (fishy right), I say why and she replies “I don’t know I think he feels bad for me”. We argue over that. I get over it although I’m not happy about it. Last night I was at her place and she swore up and down she loved me and blah blah. I go to bed feeling uneasy and wake up in the middle of the night. I decide to look at her phone, which was 100% wrong and childish, but I’m glad that I did. So this “client” aka Scott Allen Foltz, has texted her constantly over the last three months and sent her constant emails. I’ll list the jist of it: you’re beautiful, I had fun with you on the international drive ride and drinking, you’re so smart, then there goes on to be about 20 emails and texts of him offering to buy her stuff. One of them is, low and behold, that damn rug that magically appeared while I was abroad, with an order purchase and shipping info and her thanking him. He offered to refurnish her entire house since the ex took his furniture, buy her a new wardrobe, buy her expensive shoes, take her to dinner. He also says in multiple texts that he’s with his family and needs her to email him while he’s with them as to not cause problems. He says he can do the same when she is with me. Tons of heart and winky face emojis. The exact phrase early on in their talking “I’m not flirting with you…but if you want me to that’s a different story”. Several references to them getting drinks and him getting a hotel room in town for the night. Multiple times of them saying a place to meet and the other saying “I’m here”. About 10 times he offers to take her out for dinner and drinks and asking where she is on nights she’s out. Just about as much inappropriate shit that can be imagined minus nudity.

I confront her about it and she just laughs and says oh it’s not what it looks like. I calmly talk about how it can’t possibly not be that and she gives me this whole diatribe about how he’s not trying to f*ck her (lol). I say I want you to not talk to him again and get rid of the rug and she just goes off on this whole rant about there’s nothing wrong with her letting a rich dude buy her stuff and when I say what about all the inappropriate things he said, she simply reply’s “yeah he’s silly, that’s weird” “you’d really like him he knows all about you”. Refuses to stop seeing him or accepting things and when she realizes I had deleted her texts with him she starts getting furious and screaming “I needed that stuff in the texts, I’m going to make so much money off of this guy what the f*ck is wrong with you?”. She then screams at me to get out and kicks me out of her house and slams the door. I try and call her and she doesn’t reply and I get a message saying “you left some things here, it in the trash like you”. We argue and finally she says “it’s honestly hilarious how hurt you are by this lol”.

So. I don’t know for sure if they hooked up or not but if I had to guess I would say 100% yes or it is certainly inevitable. I feel sorry for the dude’s wife, I considered contacting her to tell her, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. You know, maybe pass this along if you see this and know her. She was just completely unremorseful, self centered, and quite literally a wh*re.

Wives, if your husband has money beware and if you’re with her and you get the line “I really like you and I have changed”, she hasn’t. Do yourself a favor man and run as fast as you can before you get sucked in by the spell of a lying backstabbing wh*re. I know she’s cool to be around and a solid 7, but she’s old with two kids and will cheat on you, she probably already has if you’re reading this. If you are skeptical or a glutton for punishment and choose to ignore this warning and the warnings I received, make sure you use a condom dude, trust me.


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