Anthony Norval Sinclair – California

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This is a man who is almost 44 years old and still plays games by lying and leading you on. If you get to a point where he meets your child/children he will use them to get to you. He is good with kids and pretends to care about them. He is extremely cheap and difficult to talk to. If you bring up your concerns he will find a way to talk his way out of it. Don’t let him lie, and ask for proof! I promise he won’t deliver on proof to show that he isn’t lying, just a good excuse. He pretends that he doesn’t have time for you and uses his son as an excuse a lot. I promise you that he doesn’t spend as much time with his son as he claims. Instead he is running around with his single friends or other women. Make sure you check his criminal record since he has a felony. I have no idea how he has a job with a financial institution but again, he is an excellent liar and con-artist. He pretends to have money but it is all a lie. He is still paying his large restitution from his felony. He has federal liens that he won’t pay so don’t expect he will do right by you if he won’t even pay his leans or show up to his court dates.

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