Alexis Higbee Brown – Las Vegas, Nevada

This girl is a ride along passenger volunteer for rescue and recovery on off-road races in Nevada, California, and Arizona. She does not own her own truck so she befriends various guys and rides along as their passenger to assist during off-road races. She has been caught sending nasty pictures of herself to married men. She also has been caught sending text messages and emails asking them to come over and have sex with her. She claims to be going through a bad divorce from an abusive husband, but is most likely an excuse to make guys feel bad for her. The worse part is she has custody of her son and takes him along on these races. He is not allowed on the courses because he is a minor, yet she sneaks him anyway. She has also taken him along to parties where she drinks way too much and makes out with another girl in a jacuzzi while her son is in the next room. She has no regard for other people’s relationships and only looks to serve her own needs. Beware if your husband or boyfriend is an off-road racer in this area. She may be looking for her next John.


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