Tracey Reynolds – Jamestown, New York

Tracey is the biggest slut in town. She is 27 years old, she goes to college while her husband works 2 jobs to support her nasty ass. She has spread her legs for most of his friends, at least 2 men that she has worked for, and at least 3 married men, including my husband. This little whore used to babysit for my son when she was 13-14 yrs old. Apparently, she spread her legs for my husband the first time when she was 16. And, he was far from her first. She had another affair with him when she was 19, while she was engaged to one guy, and having an affair with another married man, who just happened to be her boss. That ended with her fiance kicking her to the curb, and the man’s marriage ending in divorce. She left town for a couple years and who knows how many marriages she wrecked wherever she was. She eventually came back to town and started spreading her legs for anyone who wanted a dirty, sloppy whore for the night. After she married her husband she started another affair with my husband, and God only knows how many other men were inside her while her husband was at work. I want everyone to know what a filthy little whore she is. She will never stop until she destroys my marriage. And yours could be next.


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