Niki Pea – Australia

I was dating Niki Pea (her real name is Nikita Penalosa ) for a little while . She’s a little Filipino midget of barely 4 Ft tall and is 26 years old. Niki Pea lived in Las Vegas where she worked as a stripper at the Spearmint Rhino , but that’s not her only “job”. One day after work, I came back home earlier and a group of guys having fun with all her holes. These guys were actually Niki Pea’s clients, they hired her for a gang bang ! That’s how I found out that Niki Pea / Nikita Penalosa was actually a prostitute. She also sells her dirty panties for money , yet she claims to be a “model” . I went to get tested and found out that Niki Pea gave me genital herpes and chlamydia !

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