Nahid Jahed — Las Vegas, Nevada

This chick just apparently moved here from Virginia at least that’s what she told me and has been seen around town with different guys. She made her debut here once before on the dirty Virginia edition and now she is taking over the vegas scene. Met her on bumble last year and found out later she was fuking with my homies as well in her apartment complex. If you see this low life around town she goes by Nadia at least that is what she initially told me when I met her and offer her a drink haha it will get you further than you think. This cheating slime bag is nothing but trash and does fit well in the city of floozies. Found out from my homie she also has a kid. Regardless We had a good time but this one is not the one to bring to mom haha. Been told she was on the dirty before she asked to be removed. Anyone else know her from tinder or bumble haha please do share.


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