Josh Blacksmith – Iowa

Liar, thief, cheater. Lies about EVERYTHING including his dating status. Skips out on rent. Never pays people back. Steals from friends and relatives. He is a covert narcissist who plays the role of the quiet, “enlightened” new-age hippie. Has several different personas. Death metalhead one minute, Grateful Dead fan wearing tie-dye the next. He’s very greedy and will usurp whatever he can: food, alcohol, a place to live, weed, drugs, sex, transportation. If you have boundaries and say no to providing any of these to him for free, he will act like a little b**** and throw a toddler-level tantrum. Entitled is an understatement. His lack of personal hygiene is disgusting, but he’ll try to fake being concerned about hygiene when he’s trying to get laid. Very selfish in all areas. His needs must be constantly met and you better not have any needs. Narcissist with emotional immaturity of a 5 year old. Evil and destructive. No respect for others or other’s property. Mean to animals. Pretends to be nice, but then tortures them and laughs. Don’t buy his “nice guy” act. It’s fake like him.


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