Husam Alsuliman – California

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Cheater with a different life. Be aware of Husam Alsuliman .We live together since September 2017. In the beginning he would be helping me pay the rent and then all of a sudden he stopped helping me. He went to Saudi Arabia and when I went through his phone logs he was calling a woman every day. I even called the girl and she didn’t even know he was Not single. Then I went through his emails and noticed he was messaging people on craigslist and they were women! He was trying to meet up with them. This whole time he is denying it but I have all the proof and it’s so disappointing! It’s basically saying the woman he went to Vegas to me was for business and in all the text messages he showing that he works. When the whole time I have been supporting him! Please women don’t fall for this man because he is a fraud and he will convince you that he really likes you but in reality he’s using you for money

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