Emily Phillips Miller – Georgia

You need to be aware of this one ladies, as she is a piece of work. She finds all her men as taken husbands on Ashley Madison, destroying families every step of the way. She is married herself (not her first nor second, js), with three grown children, as well as a small child at home. She doesn’t mind sharing nude pics, sexting with your man, and certainly doesn’t mind the time she spends with these husbands in hotel rooms, in the back of her car in parking lots, and wherever else she chooses at her convenience. My STBX had a two year affair with her until I busted him, and even then, she continued trying to pursue him. As I said previously, she is a wife herself, but she wants to be YOUR husband’s wife! She wants to take your position from you, and will stop at nothing to do so. Oh, and she loves making these men feel bad for her, so they’ll give her money whenever she wants…which, honestly kind of sounds like a side job to me. But, who am I to assume??? Take heed, because she will do whatever it takes, as she destroys any family she chooses, just to get her “already taken” man!


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