Allison Weiland – New York

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My husband took a class to better himself as an emt. Allison was in his class and in several of his labs. She constantly was throwing herself at him, flirting, and asked him if he was married, even though he has a wedding ring on his finger! My husband and I were going through a rough period in our marriage and apparently he fell victim to the slutty attention. He offered to call and help her with homework because she couldnt seem to get it done herself. She apparently took this as interest instead of friendliness. On a night of one of our arguments, he didnt want to come home right away so he offered to drive her to her car. She carpooled because she couldnt afford to get to class. Instead of giving him directions to her car, she gave him directions to mackey rd and pushed herself on him. After he pushed her off several times, and she still tried to suck his dick, he finally said enough is enough where is the car! We have worked through this and are still together for 15 yrs. A yr after the car event she ran into him at st peters hospital and tried talking to him again. He saw her again in august 2017 and once again she was flirting at st peters er. This time my husband learned she was engaged. Engaged and still flirting with my husband!!! I brought this unprofessionalism to her employer, hunter area ambulance, and she was told to have no further contact with him. Then in october she contacted my husband again! Then because i post stuff about her unprofessionalism she tried to call the police on me-lol. If she didnt do anything wrong in the first place no one would be saying anything at all. So her i am still putting it out there to watch out for the ugly whore. Derrick Curran must be crazy to go through with marrying this girl. Divorce is in his future! Along with this post, there are several posts on other sites written by different woman on how she slept with there husbands.

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