Zena Shantel Geiger – Colorado

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Lying , cheating whore! Zena Shantel Geiger. This woman cant tell the truth to save her life ! She’s a textbook narcissist and sex addict. She will tell you whatever you want to hear and the use you up and her and her little boyfriends will steal you blind . When she does start cheating on ypou she will make it youtr fault! She had to start sleeping with her sex offender buddy 4months after moving in with me because i was to nice to her and it scared her!. Plus even though we were living together , she didnt think we were committed to one another. Bullshit at its finest! So she kept right on screwing every guy she could and i gave her the boot. If you meet her run far and run fast . She is nothing but trouble, and the string of ex’s cant tell you much of the same!

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