Watch out for Earl Churchill! – Florida

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This man is very charming and manipulative. He uses the same woman for a place to live for as many years as possible while looking for women on the side the entire time. He has some good qualities so it can be very confusing. He works as a truck driver off and on so that he can find women in different cities and use them for sex. He is currently on a variety of dating/sex websites. He’s on Tagged (Earl C Sarasota, FL) pretending to be 35 instead of the truth-54, and saying he’s single of course. Well, now he is single. He recently physically abused me when I confronted him on his cheating, and the police were called. He was arrested and his mug shot can be found on the internet. I’m not sure I ever want to be with a man again because of the emotional and physical harm he has caused me. I will repeat again-he uses a woman for a place to live so that he can only work as a truck driver when he’s on the prowl to find new women.

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