Ronald Ross Panttila – Illinois

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Watch out for this guy, ladies! His name is Ronald Ross Panttila, Jr (Boots Panttila Jr on facebook)!!!
This man has two kids with two different women, that he refuses to step up and take care of. He is behind in child support close to 10K between the two, and works jobs that pay cash so that it doesn’t get reported. He will make any excuse in the book to not pick them up, bail on extra time with them, and of course will let you know that his “baby mamas” are crazy. That, “Oh, well poor me, they won’t let me see my kids wahhhh.” He’s been married twice (second one not even lasting a full year) and screwed them both over as well as several other relationships.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! I used to be friends with this guy and have had enough of his bullshit! He has even conned me for YEARS about the truth in the situations with his kids and relationships!! For what reason, I’ll probably never know! But I have seen the hurt he’s put not only his kids through, but what he puts these women through like it’s NOTHING!!! He gets bored easily and doesn’t take too kindly to being told to step up and be a Dad to his kids! He will cut you off REAL quick when he hears that!!

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