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He cannot be alone, so he has to be married, or has to be with someone. His first wife he cheated on while he was still living with her and his daughter in the house. I learned about this after I was married, and his daughter and him got into this terrible fight and he told him that he cheated on mom, with Jane. I asked her what she was talking about since the story he told me was the had divorced. It seemed that they had not, he was having an affair with Jane, then wanted the divorce! Jane left him, then I met him months later. He worked 3 days a week on another island in Honolulu, I lived in Kona. I trusted him. 3 years into our marriage I felt something wasn’t right. He was coming home later, not treating me like a priority. When I went to the Honolulu condo for the holidays I found S & M stuff i the drawer, wasn’t ours! I finally found out he had been paying for sex with escorts and prostitutes for 2 years! I filed for divorce immediately. While mediating the divorce here in Kona, on my birthday weekend I found out he had gone to the only singles bar here in Kona picking up women already! Scumbag couldn’t even wait till the divorce was final. He is a liar, an admitted sex addict to his family, even his daughter. His family is just as evil so beware. They have neve even called me when I learned 4 days before Christmas of these affairs to even say they were sorry. They are heartless, so even his family that I worshiped are as evil as him. He will woo you not with his looks because hes not good looking but with his charm, poetry, trips, vacations, his fancy job, etc., but other than that he is a cold hearted mf, that stashes all his money in trusts. I was not even put on the deed of our home that I redid, so I wont even get a dime for anything, for the 7 years that I was with him. He hired the best lawyers money can buy so I will basically get nothing, and he will be on to his next victim if he hasn’t already so stay away. Im just lucky I didn’t get HIV or STD’s though he does have herpes. A true narcissist and sociopath.

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