Kamie Meier – Columbus/Logan, Ohio

She is back at it again! After this summer when this girl came to my bfs house three times after the bar and threw her slooty legs apart and didn’t even try to use a condom or make him or any guy for that case pull out. I know my man is just as guilty, but she knew he had a gf and also after she had been the SLORE she is with him had the nerve to come uninvited to our house to watch an OSU game when I was there.

She didn’t even look like she was uncomfortable at all. She went on to go home with THREE of my personal good friends boyfriends also! Knowing damn well that they were also in committed relationships and didn’t care. She is a Sloot and I hear her Puss* smells like rotten salmon and cat pee. She has Drd and who knows what else with a rotten slooty smell coming out of her like that. She moved to Hocking County this summer from Columbus because she was a stripper and drug whore who wanted fresh meat to prey on. She has already been arrested a few times here and leaps on to any man old or young who she thinks will support her monster sized drug addiction. She is pregnant now and close to having her baby, but she doesn’t know who the daddy is. I heard she thinks it’s some older man who was a solo night stand and she met him an hour before she parted those always open legs of hers.

She needs to be stopped because this SLORE and lifelong stripper sloot is hitting my man up again. She walked UP the hill to get fuc*ed up the ass, Cause she is a walking STD. Stop wrecking homes you little HOOOOmewrecker! Go make your money giving your $20 BJ’s


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