Joshua Aaron Dykes ShuaD – Florida

Joshua Aaron Dykes, used to own a house in SE Palm Bay with his ex Ginger, which whom he still talks to. She is cool, its him you to have to look out for. I am the girlfriend (foolish girl) that attempted to try a relationship with this manipulative lying piece of s*** crackhead mother f*%^$er. It all started when his house got auctioned off due to foreclosure and he moved all his stuff into my townhouse. The beginning was goo, the sex was great…and that is where he traps you…I started to realize that when I would try and have heart to heart talks with him, about things that bothered me and about things regarding our relationship that he never truly genuinely listened. He would continue to do the same things we talked about previously. He also had a problem with crack and pills, which he still does. But I also noticed that any time he does any kind of substance his personality changes, like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde….NO LIE!! Anyways, I could write a book about this fucker….in short, just know he is a great talker, even better liar. He will charm you to no end and have you believing it. He will use your vulnerabilities against you, so be careful what you disclose to him. He will use it against you…no matter how personal and tragic it was to you. He comes on strong and fast and before you know it you will find yourself trying to get away from him, only he will not leave. Especially if he is already living with you. You can call the police and they can’t do anything (hopefully you won’t wait around this long to find out yourself). I lost everything I have worked for since I moved out when I was 19 years old. I am 32 years old now, and a single mother at that. BEWARE LADIES!! He is a manipulative lying a****** who is a cheater as well.


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