Doug Alexander – Arizona

So dude first things first, This guy is a wife beater. His full name is Doug (Douglas) Alan Alexander and is a Jr. After I was used by him I did some digging. It turned out he lied and said he’s not married but he is! I caught him in so many lies. He also fucking gets mad easily and loses his temper. Interestingly he has gay mannerisms which can’t be denied. Not Bi by any means lol. I wanted a man not a closet case. He doesn’t know this but he actually whispered a guy’s name in my ear during sex and said he loved them and it was as if he was in the moment with the person not me! And speaking about sex he’s bad but he thinks he’s really good even toots his own horn lol. I cut him loose after he did the name whisper thing! Creepy! Even creepier there are so many posts about him. I feel bad now for his wife and whoever the guy is, if you are out there, Doug obviously still loves you, I doubt you’ll see this but you must have been fucking beyond amazing for him to whisper your name. Ya I feel like shit! It’s 2020, I feel sorry in a way for the POS. You wanna fuck guys then do the right thing bro.


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