David Waterbury – New York

Cheated and abandoned his sick fiance…..He walked out on all his responsibilities. He wanted freedom. And to go fishing and didnt want to take care of someone who was sick. He told her he didnt sign on for that kind of life. But 8 years ago he had nothing!! No car, money, job, license…nothing. she gave him all the tools to become a man including her dead mothers car…… After her stroke in 2016 he started to pull away and sneaking around. When she signed the car over he started to not come home anymore then finally left her…he is now with a chic with 4 kids. Good luck with your freedom David….as soon as you become baby daddy #5 you wont have no dang freedom. But he will just abandon them too cause he doesn’t want kids… i wouldn’t trust him with young girls.. hes a pig…


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