Wieties Trent – Illinois

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Lies about his name, his phone number, his entire life story is a scam – meets you through dating app – Plenty of Fish is where he got me. Uses fake names for example with me he used the name Mark Whitehead. He tells fake stories about his life to lure you in. Talks about how bad his ex wife is and tough being a single dad with no help. Talks about all he wants is someone to love him. How hard it is working 2 jobs and military. He throws out more stories than any sane person could come up with. He meets you f*cks you and disappears. This is his scam and he has been pulling it for years with numerous victims. He is very convincing and believable so watch out. Once you figure out who he is and google him you see he is everywhere. I am sick to my stomach and cant believe how dirty he is. Keep your distance and for all you others out there please get tested for your own health and safety.

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