Stephen Hays – Texas

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Stephen Hays, Convicted Felon of Deep Space Ventures cheats on his wife and beats women. Ladies, watch out for this brute. He is becoming a well known cheater and beater. D Magazine and Venture Beat featured him and his legal problems in news articles earlier this year. He pled guilty to assaulting a tiny young lady in Colorado, felony extortion, and witness tampering. He put her in the hospital, and the pictures from the hospital show her covered in bruises and 2 black eyes. Stephen claimed he was innocent and that he was the victim (said she beat him up and sexually assaulted him at a bar). That is until video from the bar and street showed him assaulting her and threatening 2 other men that eventually took the young lady to the emergency room. His threatening text messages, voice mail and email is how the Judge got him on extortion and witness tampering. He tried to assault the witnesses and ruin their careers by going to their employers with false accusations.What makes this even more disturbing is that he uses his position as the Managing Partner of Deep Space Ventures to meet these young ladies. He claims to be an investor interested in their ideas and in their startup businesses, but he’s really just interested in sleeping with them. The young lady in Colorado is an entrepreneur, and she is trying to warn other women through social media about this predator.

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