Roosevelt Sullivan Jr – Georgia

Will charm your panties right off of you. Is known as a Car Dealership owner. Which is a full blown lie. Also known as Ro the con-artist that is from Memphis Tennessee. Graduated from Tennessee State University. Mr. Sullivan now lives in Atlanta Ga. The out skirts of Atlanta should I say. He’s known for club hopping and can be found in any club scene. Are up scale settings, he believes in having multiple women. In different areas of town or States of Loves Marietta Ga but lives in Duluth Ga. Mr. Sullivan comes off very smooth and professional. But has a temperament that is over board. He’s also known to be dishonest and tricky. A very distasteful man who’s 46 years old. Well…. will be soon. Ladies he will never be faithful he’s a man that can preach and teach. But he can not follow through with his own advice. Mr. Roosevelt Sullivan Jr. Has mastered much when it comes to streetwise. Roosevelt has been known to hang out in Sport bars. Spending largely and chasing or fishing for younger women. He’s such a cheater he was sleeping with my friend on one side of town and then. A older woman in Lawrenceville Ga. And would also sleep with another woman in Marietta Ga. Then one near his home. Stay clear of this Womanizer.

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