57 year old Puerto Rican who lives in a smelly studio in Waikiki. Been married since 2008 to the same woman, she moved to Puerto Rico where he is from after he screwed her best friend in Waikiki. He is the biggest w**** and liar in Paradise. Lies about everything in his life. Says he is a bachelor and a gentleman, he is nothing but. Says he owns his own business, he works on the beach for Ocean Safety Says he traveled the world, that he loves animals, that he got his current marriage annuled and that his current wife is his friend only. Been marrie dthree times to foreign nationale women who depend on him for their visa status in the States. Doesn’t wear a wedding band, dates several women in Honolulu simultaneously. Travels to see his wife in PR every two months. Says he will retire to PR (when she lets him back in). Chases after women on Tinder and tourists in Waikiki, will say and do whatever to get laid, can’t keep it in his pants. Spreads herpes/ STDs.


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