Kelly Marie Mckee – Missouri

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This home wrecker is a predator who seduced my husband when he was fourteen and she was about 25 or so. She is not to be trusted around boys. She should have been arrested as a pedophile but she wasn’t. She has a child with my husband and uses her as a pawn to get close to him. She moved to Texas on a whim from Montana recently in January 2018, because in November 2016 she and my husband talked about her moving here if he got her an apt and got rid of me. Well he never did instead he married me. Mind you she has been married since 2012 but she will do anything to get back with my husband. She made him question our marriage and he moved into his mom’s place. The plan is that Kelly will move in with my husband soon because my husband’s mom is moving back to Missouri on April 19th, 2018. She is trying to get my husband’s moms job here In La Porte Texas. At least that’s what she wants. My husband insists that he has told this wh**re that she is not moving in with him but she keeps bringing it up. Her husband Jack has no idea of what’s going on smh. Poor guy doesn’t know what’s coming. She has already snuck around with my husband behind his back so you can just imagine what she will do when his mom moves out. She will do anything to get into my husband’s pants even lie about me so that his family hates me more and more each day. Watch out for this one because she has already burned two houses in the past to get what she wanted.

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