Kaylea Louise – Georgia

So this w**** (that’s not even close) KAYLEA AUSTIN, was forced to move here in Warner Robins because she was no longer wanted by her ex family in Pennsylvania due to being involved in her own step Father’s MURDER! (GOOGLE IT) Her and her daughter were here a couple months before she absolutely just dropped her daughter off in the middle of the road at night and left! Yes I was a witness alone with 2 others. Well I felt sorry for her skank a** and got talked into befriending her. I was ALWAYS there because she had drove everyone else away. So my FIANCE gets released from jail. I never introduced them due to Kaylea’s history. Well John Touey III just left one night and never came back home to myself and our 2 children. I stopped talking to her because she got strung out on dope and that’s not for me. Well a month goes by and I recieved the most nastiest, horrific, ugly beat up picture I’ve honestly ever seen in my life!!!! Get a trash can… It was JOHN’S D*** INSIDE KAYLEA AUSTIN’S DARK , BURNT P**** ALONG WITH WARTS!!!! OMG ! I hate these 2 stupid evil mother f****** and wish nothing more than PAIN on them for eternity!


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