Jonathan w. Armstrong – Arkansas

Gave this man my time my love and my patience but I was never good enough. He spent all those years trying to hook up with other women while laying next to me almost every night. Put spyware on his phone and found out he waa trying to hook up with my co-workers, old classmates, ex friends and all while I was trying to go to school and take care of our kids. Broke up and got back together only to find he didn’t change but all those lies are the same. Now I have to get tested again because he is now talking to some female from Cheryl lane in Lake village Arkansas. I’m not sure who she is but his location says he be there and google maps don’t lie. I know for a fact he don’t like to use protection so I must cut him out of my life and protect myself. Facebook is his main way of cheating by promising these women he is going to spoil them and taking them out.


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