Jacqueline E. Ortega Marroquin – Long Beach, California

I would only post a homewrecker who is fully aware that the man is married and still with his wife, like this chick knew. I even asked her myself to stay out of my marriage. This chick lied about being pregnant by my husband after she caused a lot of chaos in my marriage over this fake pregnancy and threatened to get my husband for child support. Then she claims how she’s done with him because she doesn’t want her kids to think it’s ok to treat women this way. Coming from a mom who leaves her kid at daycare after schools out and she doesn’t even work. Stays home and sleeps all day and parties at night. Lol but it all makes sense why she’s being with my husband again. Because in reality, she doesn’t give a sh*t. She’s more worried about d*ck than her own son. What kind of woman lets a married man c*m inside of her?! This little girl needs to be put to shame and everyone needs to know the truth about this one. She fakes her way to make your man think she’s the one but it’s all fake. That ain’t really her… but you will see the real her when you decide to be in a relationship with her. Why do you think she’s still single and has never been proposed to? Because all she’s good for is being the ho*, the other woman, second best and my sloppy seconds. I posted her pic with hardly no makeup on so you can see how ugly her soul really is. Makeup can do wonders. Somebody check out her Instagram and let this chick know and all her followers how much of a ho* she is. Let’s help out each of us victims out and put her to shame.


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