Felon Lyntrel Smith – California

Lyntrell Smith is a lying felon not a righteous trainer. Early 2011 he is convicted of a DUI in Prince George’s County Maryland. 2011 he’s convicted of a domestic violence incident after violeny striking and knocking his first baby mama to the ground. He is ordered to make no contact including moving out of their apartment and not contacting her at work. September 9th 2011 he is fired from his teaching post at Dunbar High School for having an inappropriate relationship with a high school girl.

2014 he begins an affair with a married client while living with what will become his second baby mama. 2015 begins having sex with kariel Thompson while his second baby mama is pregnant at work. Eventually he abandons his second child’s mother (telling hervshe is too fat 6 mos after giving birth) and his second child Malcolm to move in with his client #SLP #JuliaHobbs Kariel Thompson. Strikes up a relationship with another woman, lying abour the nature of his relationship with his “client” Kariel. Assures her it is only a relationship of convenience because her cousin is NBA superstar #KlayThompson and he needs the contact to grow his business to regain custody of his boys Amir and Malcolm. 2018 convicted of another domestic violence charge as well as a separate vandalism and tampering with the vehicle charge. Remains under protective order against this ex-girlfriend. 2019 receives another DUI conviction after driving high and drunk and crashing and severely injuring two passengers. While he is serving time in prison it is revealed that Kariel is exchanging sexual favors with her #SLP clients’ fathers for Cocaine.


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