Damian Seward — New Orleans, Louisiana

This jerk is Damian Seward, he also goes by- Damian Steele Night Breed Skitzo SkitzoDaddy He is bisexual and has no clue what loyalty means, he enjoys preying on the weak willed and using them as much as he can. He doesnt have respect for relationships and will fuk whom ever, when ever and doesnt care whos life it ruins. He enjoys traveling and rarely stays in one place very long. He is a huge druggy and will talk money & drugs out of you, once your usefulness is done and over with he will throw you to the side and not care. He has ruined many relationships and doesnt have regard for anyone else but himself. He loves to lie and could sell ice to an Eskimo, DO NOT TRUST HIM! No matter what he says, he is a professional liar, he doesnt care about you or anyone else..he will lie and make it seem like he does, but he DOESNT! DO NOT LET HIM INTO YOUR LIFE, he will find every reason to ruin it and then move on, he will then lie to others and claim you were the one that did him wrong so he looks like the victim. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! He also never works, he lives off other people and doesnt even try to help out!


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