Cyber Bully – Florida

Or should I say Ms. Brenda Maneiro? I believe you have again left out a few important details that need some clarification. As previously posted and for those reading on this site who are not aware, your past is the reason why you are so miserable, angry, and infected with herpes. This man is well, healthy, and uninflected. He has tested negative to STDs since your accusations with proof and documentation. However, what you failed to share with everyone on this site is that you keep posting as some else and have led and continue to lead a swinger-type lifestyle. We have friends and witnesses who can attest to your swinger lifestyle. For example, like your son, who was been concerned with your swinging and begged you to stop, but you did not. You cannot stop with anything, you continue to post negative statements and slander about this man on this site. You need to be exposed for who and what you are. You are a mean-spirited, phoney, swinger-w****, stalker, troll, cyber bully, and pathological narcissist. WE ALL GET WHAT WE GIVE!


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