Craig Ruff – Michigan

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Craig Herman Ruff is a shady mofo who worked as an advisor to Governor Rick Snyder and thinks he is some f**king political big shot. He regularly takes young women out for drinks to “teach them about socializing” and how to climb the political ladder. Some of these women are students at the University of Michigan, while others are young aspiring policy assistants at Lansing who hope to make an impact some day. He is quid pro quo guy, so he always expects something from girls in exchange for the time and attention he showers on them (*sex, BJ, hand job wink wink*). His wife Janice Ann Ruff at MAXIMUS is an old piece of junk so she tolerates his infidelity for whatever inexplicable reason. Craig Ruff is part of the same old boys club with people like John Engler and MSU’s board of trustees, so he treats women like meat and downplays sex assaults/harassments to hide their ass. Ironically Craig has 2 daughters, Emma Emelie Ruff and Erica Helene Ruff, so it makes you wonder how he can be such an ass to assault women and doesn’t feel remorseful for his actions.

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