Andrew Newberry aka Jama Newberry – Massachusetts

Ladies please be careful with this piece of s***. I was with him and he gave me herpes. He’s a liar bipolar (which he takes medication for) cheating loser. He is violent, if you call the police station they will tell you that over 10 women have restraining order against him and I’m one of them. He’s baby momma tried warning me about him and I didn’t listen. I broke up with him cause I got tired of him cheating on me and getting drunk and high every night and he wouldn’t leave me alone. He stalked me broke into my place and beat me.. please please be careful with him, he will charm you singing to you calling you cuddles cooking and being nice and after you will see the devil he is. Just watch how bipolar he is on his Facebook one day he’s getting married the next he’s single lol bipolar at it’s finest. Any questions please reply to this post and I will tell you more.


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