Andrew Byron – Georgia

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I’ve been seeing this guy Andrew McCarty since June 2016 who I met while working at Amazon. He seems to have done a lot of dating there accoording to a lot of coworkers at the time and a lot of their talk about it was more of a warning than just casual gossip but I unfortunately didn’t listen.

In late March 2017 we began to get semi serious. He had been reluctant to get seriously involved with me before because he claimed to just be getting out of a bad relationship with a complete psycho crazy bitch as he so charmingly refered to her who wouldn’t leave him alone. I would think things were great one week and was unsure the next and it was like this all through the summer. He just jumped back and forth between being extremely enthusiastic (and annoyingly possessive and demanding) but not exactly ready to commit to a steady relationship, to barely having time for me at all. I actually began thinking that I was just being used for sex at times but he insisted that he loved me more than all else and called me the light of his life. I beleived him and genuinely loved him too.

Then suddenly in late September or early October he wanted to get really serious all of a sudden, be a steady couple, get to know his family and he began letting me stay at his new place over night all the time instead of at mine. His son and family do live with him which he explained was the main reason he’d been so reluctant to have me over.

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