Amber Kirby – Ohio

Watch out for Amber Kirby, a Price Hill woman who can’t help herself when it comes to getting pounded by multiple men at the same time. She and I were married from Oct. 2012 through December 2016. I worked around 80 hours to keep a roof over our heads, and to provide for our family. I was very faithful to her, and always treated her like a Goddess. While I was at work, I would get calls from our neighbors, asking me if I was okay with her having other men at our home. I always responded that I trusted Amber, and that I didn’t have a problem with her having friends of the opposite gender. I never suspected that Amber was cheating on me, because she constantly told me how much she hated people who cheated. Now, on Dec. 29, 2013, a girl I dated before Amber and I got married attempted to kill Amber and my oldest son. This woman’s mother and boyfriend were in the same SUV. As a result, I shot several rounds from my pistol into the SUV. Instead of staying by my side, Amber lied about what happened, and got pregnant by my best friend, James Patterson (no, not the author), within three months. She is not married again, but has continued to contact me regarding sexual favors; requesting money from me. I am happily committed in a relationship, and have told her each time that she could’ve had my body and my money if she had stayed by my side as my wife, and not cheated on me. I recently found out that she was involved in what happened on December 29, 2013, by helping my ex-girlfriend make it look like Amber and my oldest son were in danger – knowing what I would do to protect them. Men, WATCH OUT if you have something she wants; she’s a succubus.


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