Alexandra Blix, Winnipeg – Canada

Meet Alexandra or Alex Blix possibly one of the dirtiest girls in Winnipeg. We used to be friends until she begged my ex to fuk her, to bad everyone knows how busted in you are. So fuk you Alex, Winnipeg should know about your bullsh1t even when your boyfriend threw you out for cheating I took you in. Borrowed clothes and money from me, pathetic user. Ladies watch out, do not befriend this mentally unstable sloot. Her thing is her friends sloppy seconds. Look at her current boyfriend. Poor guy doesn’t even realize she cheats on him, busy on her phone sending pics and vids on snapchat. Good luck to him, enjoy your cheating troll who uses men for a place to stay and money lol. Still stalking her ex Dylan, wake up h0e, after everyone saw the video of you suking off another guy, why would he ever want to hear from your a55 again!!!!!!


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