Waikiki Cheater Greg Kazanas – Hawaii

Greg Kazanas is married and has 2 girlfriends and another chick hes sleeping wih one the side. Lies to them all and goes home to one at night and wakes up at the other girl. He got a Asian wife name Mari she work across the street from his house and see him all the time with the other girls. Lyeing narcissist collect women and date them for years then when you bust him cheating he tell you to join his gf and she don’t know nothing about it. He always with other girls. Lyeing trash. All these girls he running around on. He has 5 TempRestraining Orders from all other girls he has done this to. Sicko buum tries to keep the girls apart and run head game on them like hes your man. He take yo money and fuks guys for money. Cheater is so dirty aoslo on dating apps in Waikiki Honollulu so watch out


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