Rachel Holbert – North Carolina

We lived together for 2 yrs, another yr of off/on casual fling. Nothing serious, no strings attached, friends with benefits. We could “date” other people at leisure. It wasn’t a relationship just casual s*x. But no people at our house when I wasn’t around. That was our private place but she defiled it by bringing strange men and women home without me there. She’s a dominatrix that also serviced clients at our home. She’s into threesomes, swinging, bondage, bdsm, rape fantasy, torture, animal transformation fantasy, ageplay, animal play, collaring, CBT(c*ck & ball torture), knife play, gunplay, master/slave(she didn’t understand the rules, only the man can be the master, just as he is master of his domain, he is master of the woman), anal and various other sick s*x acts. She contracted an incurable STD & gave it to me. She broke an agreement. Stole money from her mother, 150k from grandmother, 50k from grandfather and stole her uncles car to name a few. She’s a liar & thief. Laughed when I said we needed to get right with the Lord and stop our sinful lifestyle. I pointed out that in 1 Corinthians it states “the unrighteous(greedy, thieving drunkards, s*xually immoral) will not inherit the kingdom of God.” I pointed out all we had to do is confess our sins to God and be sanctified in the holy spirit. We needed to glorify God. Our sin was lawlessness and that we needed to be punished, especially her. She refused our gracious saviour’s invitation to the Holy palace. I was decieved by Rachel. I thought she was good. I tried to make her a good wife but she refused that too. Stay away and don’t have business dealings. Barry

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