Paul Melvin Winfield – Texas

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You may have seen another post from a few years ago, and believe me I wish it wasn’t true. Its such a shame, this man will come into your life making you believe you were the only one he is trying to “build” with. Telling you that he has his children, and he is extremely busy because of his Basketball. In reality the only thing keeping him busy is that there are several women he’s keeping up with. While he says the same to you, he is saying the exact same to another. He loves you, I’m building something here, be patient with me, I don’t move fast in relationships, you are the only one, his love of your life. I am not sure this man knows what he wants, besides to be acknowledged as something he is absolutely not! Ladies be careful, he refuses to use protection, and will not be honest with you about having herpes. He’s given me and several other women STD’s, and I would really encourage for you to be careful. Ask for proof, and do NOT be fooled by his clever ways.

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