Mareau Dejuan Thompson – Texas

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This man is a compulsive liar! He lied about having to take care of his sick father and his mother just dying! He claims he is waiting on her insurance check to clear the bank. He will say he is getting a promotion soon and will need you to move to Houston with him! He claims to be building a house out near Crowley and that it’s a Seven bedroom home and five bathrooms. He claims to be an injured military veteran and that the he is an inspector for the CDC. He also says that he has his own janitorial cleaning service . All lies because he constantly wants to borrow money and wants you to pick up things for him . This man asked to borrow 1000.00 dollars and got mad when I refused to give it to him. He is not to be trusted! He has four children with three different women. He has been married to a Kimberly Thompson in Tarrant county. He says that the women that make these post are just jealous because he caught them cheating on him and left them! All lies!!!!

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